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Lady Mohawk

Skull Statement Earrings

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Brightly coloured skull earrings to make a statement.

This skull is a great accessory for all occasions, including Halloween.

Skulls are a universally used by many cultures. In most of the Eastern traditions, the symbol of the skull is connected to both mortality, but also symbolise the opposite as, protection, power and gratitude toward life.

Celtic culture viewed the head or skull to be the seat of power and the house of the soul. Archeological findings show us the Celts tossed skulls into sacred wells as offerings.

Originally handmade linoprints printed onto sustainably sourced hoop pine with a water resistant coating on top for better protection. They are laser cut and threaded with surgical stainless steel hoops, which is excellent for sensitive ears!

They are super lightweight!

Designed to feel Bold, Creative, and Fun.

Width -   25 mm 
Height -  55 mm



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The Royal Women’s Prevention of Family Violence Project Team engaged Sally to deliver a linoprinting workshop for a staff wellbeing day. From initial contact Sally was very easy to work with, responsive to emails and flexible to our requirements. On the day of the workshop Sally was on time and everything was very organised.

Sally was engaging and given the size of our group was able to assist individual staff members with their questions. We also loved the self-paced nature of the workshop whereby it didn’t matter if you were a little slower cutting out your lino, you didn’t hold up other team members who had finished their cutting and were ready to start pressing.

Everyone had a great day; learnt a lot and we were all able to take home our lino printing tools and an individual art piece to frame. We’d welcome Sally back anytime for another workshop and would highly recommend her for team building and wellbeing style workshops.

Simone Meade
Program Manager – Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence
The Royal Women’s Hospital