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If I closed my eyes I could still remember

If I closed my eyes I could still remember

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Limited edition hand coloured linocut Print on paper

Signed under name of 'Lady Mohawk' and numbered on the front

"If I closed my eyes I could still remember" is a unique and intimate creation, created using both my feet and hands. This labour-intensive process involves applying dark blue block printing ink and then shuffling over the block with my feet, taking several hours to complete. The piece is then painted with hand-colored acrylic inks in shades of pink, orange, and yellow. The resulting artwork presents a complex blend of Australian bushland intertwined with scenes of people playing, reflecting my deep love for storytelling through art.

This piece is inspired by my visits to North Victoria, particularly the Tooborac and Heathcote regions. During these solitary walks, I often felt as though nature was speaking to me. "If I closed my eyes I could still remember" is a homage to those moments, where I would converse with the land and my imagination would create stories.

In this artwork, I wanted to explore the symbolism of the circle, a shape that represents harmony, the cycle of life, infinity, and completeness. Through the circular composition, I aim to capture the connection between humans and nature and the stories within this relationship. 


This print is a limited edition print. Each print takes several hours to design and carve. The printing process requires for the print to be inked up and manually feed through a printing press, or in this case using my feet and hands. The print is then carefully hand painted with acrylic ink, creating a unique and individual art piece.

Each print is created by hand and therefore there will always be slight variations with each print.

This print was printed on archival acid free paper.

Image size is 65cm height x 65 width.

*Unframed artwork only.


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