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A day once dawned and it was beautiful

A day once dawned and it was beautiful

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Limited edition linocut Print on paper

Signed under name of 'Sally Walshe' and numbered on the front

"This work was created shortly after I had my baby and this picture is based on the park close to my home, in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne. Everyday i would walk through this glorious park and it was beautiful. Walking through a park can bring such solace in perhaps difficult or trying times.

In this picture I really wanted to work with a circle. Circles can represent many things, such as harmony, the cycle of life, infinity, being complete, etc. I wanted to have birds escaping my picture, with the idea of freedom, flight and exploration. This image is complex and detailed, with big trees, a creek, and plant life. I have lightly coloured the creek with acrylic red ink, to give the feeling of dawn.

I titled this work 'A Day Once Dawned And It Was Beautiful'. It is a line from Nick Drake's song, From The Morning. I would to listen to Nick Drake years ago and I loved his dark, moody and poetic songs. When I looked at my picture it reminded me of him and his music. I really loved this line. I find it to be hopeful, optimistic and looking at appreciating the small things in life, like a sunrise or just a new day.

This print is a limited edition print. Each print takes several hours to design and carve. The printing process requires for the print to be inked up and manually feed through a printing press. The print is then carefully hand painted with acrylic ink, creating a unique and individual art piece.

Each print is created by hand and therefore there will always be slight variations with each print.

This print was printed on archival acid free paper.

Image size is 30cm height x 30 width.

*Unframed artwork only.

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